In early 1979, Mie and Kei were the guests of honor on a TV show on which clips from their animated biogarphical series, Pink Lady monogatari - eiko no tenshitachi (Pink Lady Story - the angels of splendid fame) were shown. The show the girls were on was sort of like an episode of "This Is Your Life", what with relatives, friends and other guests from Mie and Kei's past showing up. With that in mind, I've presented captures covering the entire show, both from the anime and live action studio sequences for your enjoyment. I'm sure you'll find it all to be quite fascinating and entertaining.

anime1-1 anime1-2

In the studio, Mie and Kei look on at their animated counterparts

anime1-3 anime1-4

First off, we have newborn Kei, leaving grown-up Kei more than a little mortified

anime1-5 anime1-6

Toddler Mie putters around her room, steps on a ball....

anime1-7 anime1-8

...takes an unexpected tumble and winds up hurt. How painful

anime1-9 anime1-10

A bemused Mie points out her long ago boo-boo. Aww, isn't that cute

anime1-11 anime1-12

Toddler Kei gets a present from her father, a toy phone which he demonstrates how to use...

anime1-13 anime1-14

...and, just like any redblooded girl, Kei takes to the phone like a fish to water

anime1-15 anime1-16

Back in the studio, the girls are joined by two guests, family members...

anime1-17 anime1-18

Kei's older brother and Mie's younger brother. Regarding the latter, the resemblance is uncanny!

anime1-19 anime1-20

And now, a musical interlude as the girls sing "Pepper Keibu" and "SOS"


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