April 11, 1980

ABOVE & BELOW: Back in red and better than ever, Mie and Kei struff their stuff
You could just watch the Ladies all night long!


LEFT: The Reverend Pompadour has stiff competition in Byron Allen from "Real People"
RIGHT: Then they team up to lay healing hands on Mie and Kei's ailing sugar daddy

LEFT: Because you just can't get enough of him (Lord knows I couldn't), he-eeeeeeere's Papa-San!
RIGHT: And, just for fun, more Red Buttons too. Be still my beating heart.

LEFT: Mie and Kei, in the custody of the tres chic Beverly Hills P.D.
RIGHT: Far East meets Wild West. And yes, the girls did the karate chop thing as part of the gag

LEFT: The legendary Roy Orbison with two truly pretty women
RIGHT: The not-so legendary Bobby Vinton. Please, don't ask why

LEFT: The Ladies wow the crowd as only they can
RIGHT: Then Bobby gets into the act. Like, who needs him anyway?

LEFT: Jeff prepares for his last trip to the hot tub
RIGHT: The "For Sale" sign was symbolic of this being the final episode. Good night!!!


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