translation by Ted Park
(Webmaster's Notes: What you see below is no misprint and is the actual translation according to Ted. Mie and Kei actually do say "son of a bitch" in this song! Wild, isn't it? No wonder this is my favorite Pink Lady tune!)


Broke the key of my breast
and ran away
I wonder where he is now
He's got to give me back
the heart he stole!

Wanted! Wanted!

If I find the son of a bitch
It won't be a joke next time
I'll hold you in my arms
and torture you with my kisses!

You can't live though
the search for heart stealer
Before I catch you
why don't you sneak out and
surrender yourself to me?!

One day he's a suspicious chauffeur
One day he's an Arabian billionaire
One day he's a nihilistic outlaw
He is, he is in disguise!

* I love you, I love you
I love you such much
As much as I couldn't live
without you any more
My heart is empty (empty)
and hollow (hollow)
There's nothing there
'Cause you stole everything
on that day

I want you, baby! I want you, baby!
Ah, ah, ah, ah!
Wanted! Wanted!

I'll put metal cuffs on your wrists
and heavy chains on your ankles
I'll always leash you
just beside me!

Let me know immediately if anybody hears
rumours of the son of a bitch
Even to the town at the end of the earth
I would go and get him!

One day he's a showy young entrepreneur
One day he's a serious medical student
One day he's a stylish music composer
He is, he is in disguise!

* repeat