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The host of the TV special, and the studio audience, including a foursome of current celebrities. Yawn!

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To heck with them! Time to bring out the REAL stars of the show, Mie and Kei! Don't they look great?

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ABOVE: September 1957, Keiko Masuda is born. BELOW: March 1958, Mitsuyo Nemoto is born

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Mie dresses up for a class picture while Kei sings with her classmates

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ABOVE: Mie introuduces herself to her classmates. BELOW: Mie shows an interest in the drama club

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Kei shows herself to be quite the baller, and is very popular with her classmates

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Something that doesn't go ignored by Mie. Later, two ships pass in the night (metaphorically)

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Little do both girls know the plans fate has in store for them


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