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The girls are busy in a studio practicing, but Kei is clearly having a bad voice day...

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...their coach, pissed off, chews out Kei big time, and, upset, she flees in tears

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In a hallway, harsh words are exhanged as it appears Kei wants to quit....

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....but Mie snaps her back to reason with a slap, followed by a group hug

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ABOVE & BELOW: The girls rock out in public, and look like they could conquer the world

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However, Kei (18) and Mie (17) find themselves finding behind their classmates at school

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So the girls take the bold step to devote themselves fully to their budding singing careers

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Fate again plays a hand as the girls intently watch an episode of Star Tanjo (Birth of a Star)....

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....intrigued, the girls mull over ideas for outfits to wear, and the overalls for their performance are born


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