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In front of the bigwigs at Trust & Confidence, Pink Lady prepares to make their debut

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Garbed in cute minidresses and platform shoes, Mie and Kei sing "Pepper Keibu" for the said bigwigs

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However, said bigwigs are less than impressed, much to the chagrin of Manager-san

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With that less than ringing endorsement, "Pepper Keibu" debuts, coming in 99th on the charts


The girls are bluntly told that if they don't succeed, they're done, plain and simple

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Fortunately, the girls win an award for best new act, and Pink Lady takes off. "SOS" is their first chart topper

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Followed by "Carmen '77" and "Nagisa No Sindbad"....

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Followed by "Wanted" and "UFO". Pink Lady are officially on top of Japan's pop music scene

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While Mie and Kei are seemingly having the time of their lives as musci superstars....


Behind the scenes, the frenetic, non-stop pace was taking a physical toll on the girls


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