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First comes the concert in Las Vegas, then the release of "Kiss in the Dark"

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KITD cracks Billboard's Top 40 as the novelty of Pink Lady took hold in the States

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And then, there was Pink Lady & Jeff where our heroines shared the primetime spotlight

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With then (and now) unknown comic Jeff Altman. Here's the meeting with NBC executives....

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Along with Jeff (on the left). But Kei isn't at all happy with the situation


January 1980. The girls leave for Los Angeles to tape PL & J. Kei doesn't look at all pleased.

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And here's the reason: Kei's terribly homesick and missed being with her boyfriend

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Meanwhile, Mie's helpless to alleviate her best friend's suffering

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While the show isn't well received back home, rumors of rift between the girls become public

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Could this be the beginning of the end?


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