callgirl2-1 callgirl2-2

who gets our boxer, er, relaxed, according to the plan of his opponent's manager

callgirl2-3 callgirl2-4

predictably, our boxer goes down hard, meaning a big pay day for pimp-san and company

callgirl2-5 callgirl2-6

The next day, our merry band of grifters are at a country club when Mie has a sudden encounter

callgirl2-7 callgirl2-8

in the presence of a familiar face from her past, but pimp-san needs her services

callgirl2-9 callgirl2-10

a freaky gaijin's worn out one of pimp-san's girls, enter Mistress Mie-chan, seig heil, baby!

callgirl2-11 callgirl2-12

much to the delight of freaky gaijin, just before Mie whips him REAL good

callgirl2-13 callgirl2-14

and freaky gaijin's sure enjoying himself, just like Mie. Plenty scary, huh?

callgirl2-15 callgirl2-16

Afterwards, freaky gaijin's a satisfied customer. Meanwhile, Mie's gets a sudden visit

callgirl2-17 callgirl2-18

from Mie's old lover and they go on to have a little chat

callgirl2-19 callgirl2-20

before melting into each other's arms. What happens next is predictable


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