Pink Comeback 2

On March 15, 1997, Pink Lady returned to the stage for a spectacular concert during their comeback that produced "Pink Eyed Soul". The concert which someone was kind enough to provide me on VHS, called "Saikai Pink Lady" saw Mie and Kei perform most of their beloved hit songs along with solo performances by the Ladies (Mie did "Love Jail", Kei did "Sparrow") and closing out the show with a dynamic version of "Pink Eyed Soul"(the full video you can find on YouTube), plus "Pepper Keibu" for their encore. All is all, it made for one hell of a terrific performance as the Ladies were at the top of their game. So, on the 10th anniversary of this special show, I thought it only right to present four pages worth of captures from this sensational show. As always, enjoy!!

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