Pink Definition


A cocktail?

A brand of apple?

A Japanese pop duo from the 1970's?

All of the above, but for the purpose of this feature, most definitely the latter. For newcomers to the website who seek to understand the powerful attraction fans in Japan and America have for Pink Lady, our affection for Mie ("me") and Kei ("kay") is no different from fans of singers, athletes or movie stars. We follow the careers of our favorite idols with great passion and love them unconditionally, the only difference is how we go about our devotion. Fifty years ago, it was mail order fan clubs, today, it’s websites. When you think about it, nothing’s changed, except for the technology.            

But why, you ask, do we choose to be fans of two Japanese pop stars who became famous nearly forty years ago? Well, I can only speak for myself, but I’m guessing lots of other pink fanatics think along these lines: first and foremost, Mie and Kei are very beautiful women who can easily turn heads. Second, their talent, the girls harmonized to perfection, hearing them sing, even if in Japanese is absolutely delightful, and that’s paired with their incredibly dynamic, high energy dance routines that made Mie and Kei so amazingly unique as performers in Japan’s show business scene.            

Another aspect of Pink Lady’s hold on us is their personality. Having been in Japan during their salad days in the late 70’s, I saw them a lot on TV, performing their hit songs, the girls looked to be genuinely sweet and charming and unassuming. Mie and Kei were, by the way they acted, very honest in the way they appreciated the enormous fame they achieved. Case in point: watching the girls win a prestigious music award for “Southpaw” (PL’s all-time top seller), Mie and Kei burst into tears and sobbed from joy. That told me there was no pretentiousness or arrogance about the girls.

The triple threat of looks, talent and charm instantly endeared Mie and Kei to the Japanese public. Never before had people seen anything like Pink Lady as the girls hit the music scene like a bombshell, the cute pop songs like "Pepper Keibu", "SOS" and "Wanted", paired with funky costumes (silver sequined bodysuits and antenna hats for "UFO", baseball style jumpers for "Southpaw") and their amazing dance routines made Mie and Kei an overnight sensation. Fans just couldn't get enough of these megastars who had won over an entire country, just like The Beatles had Great Britain.

In fact, Pink Lady was far more than just a hit pop music act, they were an actual industry. Beyond music and a then amazing nine straight number one hit songs along with sold out concerts all over Japan, Mie and Kei were pitchwomen for numerous companies, advertising a staggering array of products which sold like hotcakes because the girls' faces graced the items. Then there were the PL related items like toys, clothes, pictures, posters, you name it, the girls sold it. In spades! Mie and Kei were the 800 pound gorilla of the Japanese entertainment industry, and everyone knew it!

Having conquered the entertainment industry in Japan, Pink Lady took aim at America in 1979 with their first (and only) English language album and their Top 40 song, “Kiss In The Dark”. When Americans saw Mie and Kei for the very first time, they were wowed by the cute and talented Japanese duo. That was followed a year later by their major exposure on U.S. television when the girls co-hosted a primetime comedy-variety show called “Pink Lady & Jeff” with a little known comic named Jeff Altman. While the show was a disaster, viewers became instantly fond of Mie and Kei.

Overall, the history of Pink Lady is as rich and storied a tapestry as you’ll ever read. There were highs and lows, smiles and tears, successes and failures, even a touch of scandal, everything one could expect from such a dazzling career in show business. The bottom line here is that the most amazing thing about our fondness for Pink Lady is our staying power. Even after more than twenty years since American fans first discovered Mie and Kei (due mainly to Pink Lady & Jeff), our love for the girls has yet to abate, and our loyalty to them is as strong as ever. That’s why my website is here.

If what you’ve read has whetted your appetite and you want to learn more about Pink Lady, I have plenty of resources here for everything you need to know about Mie and Kei. On the Contents page, I have things broken down into six departments: The Primer section has an introduction to Pink Lady along with their history. The Information section covers their career highlights, in Sights, you’ll find lots and lots of pictures and visual features on the girls while Sounds covers their music. In Collection, you’ll view all my PL memorabilia, lastly, the Performances section covers the concerts.

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Mie and Kei, circa 1976

Mie and Kei, circa 2011

So, what is Pink Lady? A wonderful passion that’s burned white hot in the hearts of their loyal fans for almost four decades A pair of goddesses who captivated an entire country with their unique brand of talent and charisma. A once in a lifetime pop culture phenomena that blazed like the brightest star and, in some ways, has never dimmed. People like myself are fans of Pink Lady for those reasons and many more. If you’ll take the time to journey through my website, you’ll come to understand why we love Mie and Kei so much. And, hopefully, you’ll come to love them too. WELCOME!!!

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