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Welcome to March! So, here we are in the final throes of winter, and even though that miserable groundhog in western Pennsylvania did see his shadow back in early February, it hasn’t been all that bad actually since we haven’t seen much in the way of any snow, and that’s a good thing in my book. I’d be perfectly happy if we stay nice and dry until spring arrives.

Since it’s March, that means it’s time to celebrate Mie’s birthday as she joins Kei at having reached 60. Whoa! How time flies when you’re a famous singing star! As far as I know, Mie has remained busy, doing regular singing gigs at nightclubs and the like, and while I don’t know if she’s done any acting of late, I can still recall with equal parts amazement and surprise her first solo performance in front of the camera after the break-up of Pink Lady in 1981, that being her infamous star turn in “Call Girl”, the motive n picture where she portrayed, and I can’t put this any more indelicately, a hooker. To this day, I’m still flabbergasted by what she had done, and by what I had seen in the film as she hopped in and out of bed with several men, not to mention the jaw dropping scene where Mie dolled up as a Nazi dominatrix to deal out pain with a whip to a gaijin masochist. Kinky, man! Kinky! You can catch up with the “Call Girl” experience here.

mieret5 southpaw

In addition, it was forty years ago that “Southpaw”, Pink Lady’s highest grossing single was released. In baseball crazed Japan, I have to say I’m not surprised that “Southpaw” was as popular as it had been, and it didn’t hurt that the girls sported baseball style rompers, complete with hats for the official costume along with a traditional pitching windup as part of the dance routine, all of which was plenty darn wild. So, I’ve got four videos of the song for fans to watch as “Southpaw” comes at you from 1978 to 2011. Grab a bat, put on your helmet and enjoy! Until next year, take care and have a great day.

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