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Welcome to September, the end of summer which has been icky hot and the start of the football season (both college and the NFL), and, of course, I'm plenty excited about that, as I type these words of wit(?) on August 29th, I can't wait for the boys to hit the gridiron,

Of course, September is special for us as Pink Lady fans as Kei-chan’s birthday is this month, and this year is particularly special as she hits the big 6-0, as in SIXTY!! In a word—-whoa! When I became a fan of PL all those years ago, I gravitated towards Kei who was a tad shorter than Mie but was the oldest of the two, perhaps there was a certainly something about her low, throaty voice that appealed to me. And while Mie is perfectly adorable, Kei became my girl, plain and simple, and even after all this time, nothing has changed, I loved her work with PL, her solo music and her film roles. Speaking of which, as part of the celebration of Kei, I've presented a feature on Kei’s first movie role, “The Dog Judges Her Love” where she plays a small town housewife who's put through hell after she's attacked by a thug, having watched the film, I enjoyed her performance immensely. And, as you can see from a couple of pictures provided me by fellow PL fan Matthew Doyle, Kei still looks absolutely amazing, and that's certainly a good thing as she'll always be number one to me!

keiret-5 wanted

And, if that wasn't enough, it was forty years ago this month that “Wanted”, my all-time favorite PL song was released. A month or so after I arrived in Japan while serving in the Navy in 1977 and discovered the Ladies, I heard “Wanted” playing in a record store in Yokosuka where I was stationed and was wowed with what I heard. There was a certain power and energy and raw aggressiveness to that song that drew me in and awed me, oh, yeah, that had also been the first time I heard any PL song, so that first impression was everything and cemented my love for the Ladies. By the by, two decades later when I launched the website and fellow fan Ted Park provided an English translation of “Wanted” and discovered that cute and sweet and innocent Mie and Kei sang “son of a bitch”, I laughed out loud and was awed with the girls even more. So, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of my favorite PL song, I've provided four videos for your viewing pleasure so you can see why I love “Wanted” so much. Until next month, take care and have a great day.

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