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Welcome to May, everybody! If you saw a substantial amount of showers in your neck of the woods like I saw in mine, then I hope you get to enjoy those May flowers. Me? Since I don't have anything remotely resembling a green thumb, I'll have weeds to deal with in my front yard to be removed. That's the extent of my gardening. Little over a month ago, I got a call from Chuck Harter, a fellow Pink Lady fan who lives on the left coast, and for a solid half hour, we chatted about all things Mie and Kei, something I found most enjoyable. He then told me about how he had amassed a sizeable collection of newspaper clippings, then sent me about PL that spanned from early 1979 just before the release of their one and only U.S. album, early 1980 when Pink Lady and Jeff was on the air to 2001 when the show was rebroadcast. The clippings, courtesy of a website called (which I never knew existed) covered newspapers from across the country as a myriad of columnists and reviewers discussed Pink Lady's exploits in attempting to conquer America. The articles and reviews of both the album and the TV show were at turns, complimentary and harsh, one gentleman even went out of his way to say in a review of PL&J that Jeff Altman was hilarious and could've carried a comedy-variety show without Mie and Kei , something I found highly debatable. There were many differing viewpoints about Mie and Kei that I found to have been utterly fascinating as American journalists attempted to explain to their readers what Pink Lady was all about. You'll find the two pages worth of articles and reviews to be great reading.

Now, we come to something else Chuck and I discussed, mainly the 2004 Pink Lady Stormy Life Special which aired on Christmas Eve. As followers of the website already know, the PLSLS was a takeoff of sorts on the old TV biography show, 'This Is Your Life', chronicling the lives of Mie and Kei with the help of actresses, from childhood, to middle school where they met and became friends, to their years of fame, glory and struggle as Pink Lady. Chuck in particular was highly intrigued with the goings on about the show, especially the live cut-ins with Mie and Kei discussing the segments of their history, and how he wish he knew just what the Ladies were talking about. To be honest, it was the same with me, and that led Chuck to suggest the following idea which I'll now present: If there's anyone out there who's fluent in Japanese and is serious about providing a translation of the SLS, please get in touch with me at and I can discuss the particulars of t his project, which would include a DVD of the show and a breakdown of how I'd like the project to run. Until next month, take care and have a great day!

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