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Welcome to January, and to 2018! I hope everyone enjoyed a happy holiday season, and that, like me, you didn’t see much, if anything in the way of snow. However, it has been cold, but I can live with that, even though my next heating bill might be a tad pricey. Oh, well, what can you do.

For Pink Lady fandom, forty years ago, 1978 was perhaps, THE most important year in the careers of Mie and Kei. The Ladies would release five singles with “UFO” and “Southpaw” winning prestigious Japanese music industry awards, not to mention their heralded concert in Las Vegas and the legendary Jumping Summer Carnival. Yes, there was also controversy when the girls passed on appearing on Kohaku Uta Gassen (or rather, their management company passed on the show for them), and longtime fans know how that movie ended. Still, the legend of Pink Lady soared to new heights in 1978, cementing no their place in the pantheon of Japanese pop music, remember, I was there and saw it all unfold before me, the only thing that could’ve made the experience all the more memorable would’ve been if I had managed to catch a PL show live and in person. Sadly, being in the Navy and stationed on a ship made that goal difficult, never mind the fact I wouldn’t have known how to pull off that minor miracle.

Anyhoo, this month, I’ll reacquaint fans new and old with an essay I penned about PL’s wondrous year that was 1978 along with a new gallery for your viewing pleasure. There will be lots of features about all the fabulous things Mie and Kei accomplished in that magical year. Until next year, take care and have a great day.

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