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Welcome to March, everybody! Last month around this time, I was grumbling a bit about being in the teeth of winter, well, as it turned out, February wound up being the warmest on record with only 3 inches of snow having fallen, not that I'm complaining, because I'm not, but I worry that Old Man Winter will slam the region this month. We shall see.

So, in addition to March being the month where the NHL and NBA are winding down their seasons, baseball is early in spring training, and March Madness is right around the corner as of this writing on February 24th, it's a rather busy month in the Pink Lady universe. We've got Mie celebrating her 59th birthday, the release of "Carmen '77" forty years ago, and the 1997 "Seikai: Pink Lady" concert was in mid-March. Wow! Busy indeed! Regarding "Carmen '77", PL's third release, and second straight number one hit song, I liked it right away because of its sassy and saucy Latin flair, Mie and Kei really belted out the tune while the dance routine and accompanying costume was hotter than four alarm salsa! Arriva! You can see the girls perform the song for yourself as I present videos from 1977, the 2004 Dance DVD, the 2005 Unforgettable Final Ovation concert and the 2011 Innovation show.


Going back in time twenty years, there was the 1997 "Seikai: Pink Lady" concert which I was fortunate to have gotten on VHS from a PL fan from over in Japan. With the Ladies on the reunion trail that began a year earlier with the release of "Pink Eyed Soul", Mie and Kei were in fine form in this show, regaling the crowd with their classic hits, solo songs (Mie scorched the air doing "Love Jail" while Kei was wonderfully ephemeral singing "Sparrow") and a fabulous rendition of "Pink Eyed Soul". All in all, a great show, but then, that's what Pink Lady is best at. You can see it all for yourself by checking out "Pink Comeback 2". Until next month, take care and have a great day!

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