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Welcome to April, everybody! So, here we are in spring! I hope the winter wasn't too harsh for you, and that you're looking forward to the sunny days and warm weather to come. I darn sure know I am!

Since it's April, the Month of April Fool's Day, what better way to celebrate this momentous occasion than by reacquainting everyone with the wonderful foolishness that was Pink Lady & Jeff, one of the most notoriously bad TV shows of all time (TV Guide ranked it 45th), thanks to how terrifically terrible it was as the forever oddball pairing of a little known and barely amusing stand-up comedian and two cute Japanese singers who barely knew much in the way of passable English joined forces for six episodes worth of imminently forgettable song and dance and laughs with a boatload of C-list guest stars and musical acts (Alice Cooper, Blondie and Cheap Trick) on tape for god's sake. Heck, I was on record saying that PL&J effectively killed the long running and popular variety show genre because it had been such a colossal train wreck, I also stated that there was no way in the world a show like PL&J would ever make it beyond the boardroom of a network, never mind actually on the screen itself. The final indignity for PL&J was that in some markets (like Philadelphia), the show had been pulled after the fourth episode and never shown. I never got to see episodes 5 and 6 until almost twenty years later when a fan sent me VCR tapes of those missing episodes.

So, here we are, nearly forty years after the show made it's less than auspicious debut, and I'm still talking about it. Why? Because of Mie and Kei of course. Even though the girls had been put into a horribly untenable position (they were basically ordered to do the show by their management) and pretty much set up to fail, the girls carried on like the show business troupers they were. And for me, getting to see the Ladies again on American shores was a treat I'll not soon forget. With that in mind, for any Pink Lady newbies checking out the site, be sure to look over Pink Primetime, I'm sure you'll find it most entertaining. Until next month, take care and have a great day!

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