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Welcome to August. I hope summer has been good to you and it hasn't been too terribly hot and yucky, I've been okay, but man, I am so ready for fall, not winter, just fall.

As you've seen on the Contents page, I have a new page of clippings ready to share with everyone. As I spent time typing the articles you'll soon read (or already read if you checked out the main feature first), I found myself highly intrigued with everything, including the behind the scenes stuff that went into some of the things that Pink Lady had been involved in during their ill fated attempt to conquer America, especially the forever infamous “Pink Lady and Jeff”. The inner workings of the show, how NBC’s Fred Silverman spearheaded the process that brought Mie and Kei to our shores for the Kroffts to mold into variety show stars, the girls’ struggle with English, the concept of American television and, oh, yeah, how they actually liked Jeff Altman. Fancy that. It certainly made for highly interesting reading about all that magic went down way back in 1980, especially all sorts of remarkle little facts here and there, such as how NBC had two comedians under contract to choose from to co-star the show with Mie and Kei, Jeff Altman....and David Letterman! Could you imagine Mie and Kei goofing around with Letterman?

As I've said many times before, there was no way in hell a show like PL&J would have even gotten off the drawing board or out of the boardroom, never mind actually having made it onto TV (even though there's just as much crap in prime time today like three decades ago), but hey, that wasn't a loss for us as Pink Lady fans. Sure, the show was a train wreck in every way, shape and form and, if the rumors were true, effectively killed the variety show dead, however, did we care? Not in the least, just seeing Mie and Kei on American TV was more than enough for us. And I'll always remember what an incredible hoot it was. Until next month, take care and have a great day.

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