Pink Humor

As the old saying goes: "Turnabout is fair play"! As longtime devotees of Pink Lady are well aware, when Mie and Kei co-starred on the semi-disastrous TV show they did with Jeff Altman in early 1980, the producers, for some damn fool reason insisted on the girls' names being stenciled on almost all the clothes they wore onstage, as if viewers were too stupid to tell them apart. I found that to have been terribly insulting, if not humiliating to Mie and Kei.

But graphic artist/music producer John Vawter, a new contributor to the site provided his own little measure of revenge for all of us with this most clever picture that he was kind enough to doctor up. The premise was simple, AND funny: what if Pink Lady & Jeff had been done in Japan, and in it, Jeff had to suffer the embarrassment of having to wear outfits with HIS name (in kanji!) stenciled on them? Now if that isn't turnabout, then I don't know the meaning of the word! HA!


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