March 1, 1980

Beauties....and the boob
And so, the legend of Pink Lady & Jeff begins!

Classic "good cop, bad cop": Mie butters Jeff up while Kei puts him down
One of the show's few endearing highlights

LEFT: Jeff as the sleazy televangelist. I nicknamed him "Reverend Pompadour", for obvious reasons
RIGHT: Jeff as moronic boxer "Leonard Moon" who didn't have the brains of an ice cube

LEFT: George Jefferson (Sherman Hensley) drops by, maybe to dry clean the girls' gowns
RIGHT: There he is, Mr. America!

LEFT: Jeff as "Art Nuvo", the vulture for culture
RIGHT: If you don't know who she is, you can leave right now!

LEFT: In this skit, the girls gripe about the rotten military food, especially "sushi on a shingle"
RIGHT: From "The Adventures of the Pink Falcon"

The musical portion of our program as the girls "Knock On Wood"
When it comes to the international language of music, Mie and Kei are VERY fluent!

At the end of the day (or, in this case, the show), it's time to get into the hot tub! Good night!!!


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