March 14, 1980

LEFT: Jeff reads his press clippings after episode 1....
RIGHT: But folks wanna see the Ladies....

....the REAL stars of the show as they sing the theme song from "The Wiz"!
Any questions? I didn't think so!

LEFT: Introducing the world's lamest samurai warrior
RIGHT: J. R. Ewing (Larry Hagman) drops in from Southfork for a visit

LEFT: The Reverend Pompadour can heal anything! Even a sick toaster oven!
RIGHT: Jim Varney: 1950-2000. Rest in peace.

LEFT: Sid Caesar as Mie and Kei's funny-as-a-crutch "Papa-san"
RIGHT: The Ladies jam with Donny Osmond. Awww! Isn't he cute?

LEFT: "Swan Lake" was never like this!
RIGHT: Teddy Pendergrass entertains the crowd

LEFT: "The neon lights are bright, on Broadway...."
RIGHT: Jeff at the ol' Peanut President himself, Jimmy Carter

LEFT: Yo, Jeff! It's that time of the day again....
RIGHT: ....but this week, there's guests in the hot tub! Good night!!!


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