March 21, 1980

ABOVE & BELOW: The Ladies get down and extraterrestrial as they perform "UFO"
If only all aliens were as good looking as Mie and Kei! YOWSA!!!


LEFT: Art Nuvo takes his show outside
RIGHT: Jeff as Jimmy again with a Charo wannabe. Cootchie cootchie!

LEFT: Greg Evigan (the human half of "B. J. & the Bear") wails away on the sax....
RIGHT: ....then belts out a tune with the Ladies

LEFT: My creative side shows here....
RIGHT:.... as Mie and Kei do what they do best for the crowd

LEFT: The Ladies hobnob at the Playboy Mansion
RIGHT: Reverend Pompadour crashes Hef's party

LEFT: Hef with apprentice Playmates Mie and Kei....
RIGHT: ....and the real McCoy! Hubba hubba!

LEFT: Why is this man smiling?
RIGHT: Next stupid question! Good night!!!


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