March 28, 1980

Why waste space on Jeff? Let's get right to the Ladies!
Don't they do look absolutely smashing in red?

LEFT: Jeff, multi-talented chap that he is (said with tongue firmly in cheek) explains the intracacies of the local want-ads....
RIGHT:....Then displays his alleged disco prowess with Mie and Kei!

LEFT: Poppa Cartwright (the late Lorne Greene) ambles in from the Ponderosa to chat with the gang
RIGHT: Jeff and Jim, taking your requests from death row!

LEFT: Like the proverbial bad penny, Sid Caesar returns as "Papa-san" to give away his blushing brides
RIGHT: Most people said that
PL & J had gone to the dogs from day one. Well, here's the proof: Boomer!

Mie and Kei croon to the strains of "Yesterday"
The Ladies certainly do justice to one of my favorite Beatles songs

LEFT: TV's favorite mom, Carol Brady (Florence Henderson) drops in to visit with the girls
RIGHT: Sid and Jeff in a send-up of old time silent movies

But enough of the moldy old comedy! Let's have a song by the Ladies
And, as usual, Mie and Kei don't disappoint the crowd

LEFT: This week, we have a comical change of pace....
RIGHT:....as Mie and Kei wear tuxedos into the hot tub with Jeff! Good night!!!


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