April 4, 1980

ABOVE & BELOW: Look out, folks! We're turning Japanese again! This time, with "Monster"!
But there's nothing creepy looking about Mie and Kei!


LEFT: Jeff's computer date. Talk about being hard up for companionship!
RIGHT: Red Buttons (didn't know he was still alive) teaches Mie and Kei the finer points of comedy

LEFT: Jerry Lewis swings by for a chat. Talk about being hard up for a gig!
RIGHT: But he still knew how to perform great slapstick comedy

LEFT: Art's still outside. He even had an elephant handy
RIGHT: From the Abe Lincoln roast skit. Any semblance of political correctness went right out the window here

LEFT: Alice Cooper singing "Clones". He's scary even without the ghoul makeup!
RIGHT: Jeff impresses the Ladies with his prowess on the skins. Ringo Starr has nothing to worry about.

But it's Mie and Kei who have ALL the talent! And don't you forget it!!
Makes you wish Jeff was never part of the proceedings, doesn't it?

LEFT: Jeff, sans tuxedo, enjoys a dip in the hot tub
RIGHT: So does an unexpected visitor. Cue the theme to "Jaws"! Good night!!!


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