Pink Vegas

In April of 1978, history took place. The chart topping, insanely popular Japanese phenomena that was Pink Lady finally piqued the curiosity, and interest of people here in the States, and, through an amazing chain of events, Mie and Kei made their first ever trip to America where they performed two shows on the Las Vegas strip at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino. While I was over in Japan at the time, I did manage to buy a cassette tape of the show (accompanied twenty years later by a videotape) where they performed magnificently, wowing the crowd with their mindblowing song and dance act, and, a pciture book of the Ladies' adventure in America where Mie and Kei were wined and dined at a fete in their honor, and even found time for a road trip to Red Rock and L.A. While you've seen a few of the pics from PL's trip on the Pink America page, that was just a small taste. Now I bring you a comprehensive pictorial of the girls' fabulous trip to the U.S., broken down in the exciting three categories below. Enjoy!

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